The mainstream media is refusing to report on what a gang of violent Islamic migrants just did to locals at a town fair.

The mainstream media is constantly trying to make it look like Muslim migrants are “peaceful” people who pose no threat to the Western world. Stories like this, however, remind us that this is not the case at all.

Breitbart reported that a gang of ten Muslim migrants just terrorized a local town fair in Steinfurt, Germany, where they sexually harassed women, fought with local teenagers, and threatened ride owners.

Most of the incidents occurred near the bumper car ride at the fair. At around 6:30pm, a visibly intoxicated 22 year-old migrant molested a young girl on her upper body and legs. He was then told to leave the fair by security after he tried to steal another girl’s cellphone.

It was later revealed that this migrant had molested two other young girls earlier that evening. One hour later, the migrant and his friends returned to harass German teen males around the bumper car ride, which resulted in a physical fight. Police had to get involved to stop this brawl from escalating further.

When the ride owner was packing up at around 9:30pm, one of the migrants threatened him with violence as he did not want it to close for the night. The ride owner had no choice but to call police, who arrested two of the migrants and kept them overnight due to their intoxicated state.

These kinds of incidents are sadly nothing new in Germany, which has descended into complete chaos since opening it’s borders to millions of Muslim migrants. Migrants have been terrorizing fairs and music festivals in Germany since 2015 including the “Breminale” festival in Bremen in 2016 where 24 young girls reported sex attacks.

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