Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world, as you are hit with new unexpected challenges every day. As the parents of 2 year-old Sutton, Kathryn and Caleb Whitt are already well acquainted with challenges faced by parents everywhere.

Their daughter Sutton is a little girl who loves to nap – most of the time. On some days, Sutton decides that she is tired of napping and would much rather be exploring!

Kathryn was stunned one day when she heard a voice coming from Sutton’s baby monitors after the girl had been put down for a nap. It was unlike her daughter to talk much at all, much less in her crib, but when Kathryn realized what Sutton was saying, she was incredibly touched.

It turns out that little Sutton was praying in her crib that day! At just 2 years-old, she is already a firm believer in God!

Kathryn listened as Sutton prayed for everyone she knows, even Santa Claus!

“We had no idea that she was even comprehending prayer and what we were doing tonight,” Kathryn recalled. “And then to be able to do it herself, at two, in the crib – by herself.”

In the video below, you’ll see Sutton pray for everyone she knows! Kathryn decided to share the video online so that everyone can see what a proud Christian she is, and it didn’t take long for the footage to go viral!

“This little girl will go to heaven and she will have a fantastic life. More proof God is real, the baby wouldn’t just do it for no reason. Its only a baby and she already knows God is alive and well. Bless you child. Have a wonderful life. :),” one commenter wrote.

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